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"I placed an order over the phone yesterday for a 25 pack of sanding pads for delivery to Townsville Qld. The package was delivered this morning. Just like to thank you for the excellent and prompt service. Thank you." – Regional QLD Distributor

"I would like to thank yourself and all the staff who went out of their way to get above overnight despatched yesterday.  The awesome effort everyone.  I have received these goods today and my customer is very happy." Jenny Soutar from adxdepot

"As per our conversation earlier, please find attached some before and after photos of our showroom with the displays you supplied us. I’m rather impressed with how good these things look! From Col and myself we thank you again for supplying these for us. Also with the displays, we received all the new hand tools and we are more than impressed at the quality of the tools. In particular, the two most stand-out items would have to be the Intex PlasterX taping knives and the Intex PlasterX hand sanders which by far exceed the quality of those from previous suppliers. Thanks again for your help and excellent service, Trent.

PS: Lucky I got some photos with that Intex Giraffe sander, it’s gone already! Keep an eye out for my order for another one” – Reginal NSW Distributor

"Love your service. Stands out from the rest!" - David from Melbourne Plaster

"We have known Intex and their directors for more than a decade now and enjoy a close and long-standing cooperation in the area of special sanding materials" – Sydney Distributor

"I answered a phone survey for you guys a few weeks ago and rated the service 10’s all round – THIS IS EXACTLY WHY!! My parcel arrived in Echuca this morning and I ordered at 4.10pm last night. No-one else in Australia can manage that kind of service, I don’t know how you guys do it, but keep it up. Thanks so much” – Jodie-Anne from Rapid Tool Repairs

“Just want to say that I’ve received my order and wanted to give my thanks for your excellent communication and customer service. I can’t fault a single step in the process and the personal touches made the experience of buying online very satisfying. Top work!” – Ben Hainsworth

“One of the most professional services oriented businesses I've dealt with” – Terry Watson from Resene Paints

“I had the girl (customer service representative) on loudspeaker with my customer, and when we hung up, we both said, now that’s real service” – Bob from Inspirations Paints

“You guys are fantastic. I love how organised you are with your presentation and marketing, makes me want to improve what I do!” – Matt from Choice Building Products

The set up looks good (new Intex merchandiser fit-out) I will be moving the house paint to another spot so space is for your products only” – Sonia from World Paint Industries

“I love the cheer from Intex every time I call” - Grant from Chad Plaster

 “Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help yesterday in getting the trolleys to site as promised. The equipment supplied is exactly what we were after and made the job of bringing into a difficult site over 400 qty x 6-meter lengths of heavy timber all the easier and in record time. Took only one hour to unload trucks and bring into the site. Thanks again for your fantastic service and we will be in touch” – Melbourne Contractor
“When I came to pick up your 75m Paper Tape, I thought I was picking up a computer” - WA Distributor loving our renowned packaging and presentation.

“Do you guys provide training for all the girls (customer service representatives) on the phones? They are very professional when answering, very friendly, always helpful, they always say their name. That’s not normal, you ring some suppliers it’s the opposite…you must provide some sort or training…how do you do it?” - Tim from F.C. Walkers

“I feel compelled to compliment Sandy (customer service representative) publicly on the excellent customer service I received today. I presented her with a big ask, and something I was sure could not happen. Sandy not only made it happen, she did so with confidence and a smile in her voice that assured me everything was going to be ok. I could not be happier. My customer thinks I’m a superstar, because of what Sandy achieved for me today. Thank you for providing a level of customer service that exceeded my expectations” – Richard Webber from Boss Plaster Products



“Couldn’t be happier to have the privilege of wining and using one of Intex Groups 6inch’s (Intex PlasterX Joint Knives). I’ve personally had only used Hyde strippers throughout my career. I can say I’ll be 100% replacing all my strippers to Intex” – Motty’s Plastering

"Once I started using the Intex Giraffe sander I wouldn’t go back" - Melbourne Contractor

"In over eight years of machining and fabricating fibre cement, I have not used a better blade than the Intex Turbo blade. I have yet to see a blade comparable for smoothness of cut, even mitre cuts, or life span. Thanks for introducing us to this product and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone serious about cutting fibre cement" – Industry Professional

"As Director of Craig Delaney Plastering, and doing quality homes for over 20 years, we have refined all our products so only the best is used in our system. Eliminating the poorer quality sundries has made us more efficient and Intex MegaGrip stud adhesive has been one of our best finds. As a specialist plasterboard fixing team, we have used Intex MegaGrip on over a thousand homes. It is more consistent than all the rest. It is easier to apply from the glue knife than its competitors and holds as good as any that we have tested and pulled off. It isn’t runny or watery for the first 30mm like other big name brand glues, saving us time.

Most importantly in this competitive industry, Intex MegaGrip saves us $10,000 a year compared directly to other big name brands, which we don’t rate as highly. To be efficient, do the best quality work, and to run our business to schedule for our builders, we use a combination of the best screws, glue, clouts and back block cement we have found over time. Intex MegaGrip sits right at the top. Any enquiries, feel free to call me on 0409383683" - Director of Craig Delaney Plastering

“Best boxes (finishing boxes) on the market hands down” – Plasterer Brendon Freeman

“I like the Intex Paper Tape. It’s thicker than the Canadian tape in the blue boxes. The Intex Paper Tape doesn’t bubble like the blue does” - HNB Plaster

 “Hey guy's just wanted to tell everybody that Intex Australia now have their own brand of taping tools. Checked out the bazooka, box handle, stopping boxes and was very impressed. They also have power assist boxes which look unreal and the 12 inch power assist is the fat boy size (BigMudda) so puts the tape tech version to shame. Same 5 year warranty which is good and good customer service, good to see some competition for tape pro. I went for a plunger cable for my bazooka and walked away with the adjustable box handle which looks really well made compared to the tape tech version I currently have. Will try to put a couple of pics up if I can work out how to do it” – Raving fan on Drywall Talk

"Great machine and easy to use (Intex Giraffe Sander)" – David Coaley from Dulux

Intex are getting a small batch of 14 inch power assist boxes coming in soon. I recently had a conversation with one of their reps after purchasing a 14 inch box and finding it a little hard to push. He said he would discuss a power assist version and as of now I believe they are on the way. I would love to try one out, I have the power assist in the ten and twelve and have found them to be far superior to my tapetech versions” - Raving fan on Drywall Talk

“Fatboy (BigMudda) power assist by Intex are awesome. I have the tapetech versions as well and they just don't compare” - Raving fan on Drywall Talk

“Mate your Giraffe sander is the best. I have been using the same sander for 6 years, and I have only ever had to buy 1 machine, they are built like a brick sh#t houses!” – Perth Contractor

“Great tools and customer service is second to none” – Plasterer Brandon Freeman

“Your Hi-Stride stilts look to premium” – Regional Victorian Plasterer

“I was recently meeting with client in Queanbeyan at Nashco Building Products, and was very pleased to report that they had a great set up in store of Intex products. The product displays in the front office store were very professional and there was a good selection of products covering the DIY enthusiasts like myself all the way up to the trade professional. Excellent stuff!” – Business Consultant Ross Ferro

“When nailing up the batten (into the truss with a nail gun), the nail can often shoot right through the alternative batten. With the soft feed Intex metal this rarely happens, you get almost 100% success rate. With the other batten, I am worried spanning 0.9m, but with the Intex batten I often span it out to 1.2m without concern” – NSW Contractor




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